woman wearing white tank top walking beside body of water during daytime

Look at you.

Look at you. Sitting there like you are not the most beautiful girl on planet earth. You see, when someone’s my age you get past falling for girls based on their physical appearance only.

I’ve known you for a couple of months but I know for a fact, that you’re a terrific human being and wow is that hard to find nowadays. Life is full of spoiled people. People who let their most basic animal instincts kick in at the slightest inconvenience.

But not you. I’ve seen you stressed out, I’ve seen you sad, I’ve seen you angry and I’ve seen you happy. I take it all. I take all of you any day, any time.

You always taste like butterscotch and smell like lavender. Lavender shampoo, lavender lotion. Lavender’s for luck, you explained to me once. I am lucky.

You laugh with me and you make me laugh. With you it is easy. It is all so fucking easy. And it makes me think: Love makes me want to be a better man — right, right. But maybe love, real love, also gives me permission to just be the man I am.

Long time no see
a naked woman sitting on top of a bed

Long time no see

I don’t remember when was the last time we met but here we are again

Today I woke up longing for you
woman lying on bed

Today I woke up longing for you

Last night you visited me again

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