a naked woman sitting on top of a bed

Long time no see

I don’t remember when was the last time we met but here we are again. Touching skin. It all happened so quickly. We met at the same bar and we sat at the same booth.

Long time no see, you say.

Two, three, eight beers later and we’re drifting around the city on a yellow cab. I struggle to find the keys to my apartment. You climb the stairs and I follow. I’d follow you everywhere.

No time for pleasantries. Wine on big glasses, dim light and The Weeknd on the Bose.

Long time no feel, you say.

You still smell like you, like heaven. And you still taste like you. And we still are us. We never stopped being us. Our bodies fit like two puzzle pieces. Our minds still connect on a deeper level than with any other person on earth.

We lay on my bed and I remind myself not to change the sheets in the morning so they’ll still smell like you. You see, one of the things I like most about you is the way your skin feels when pressed against mine. You feel so warm and I feel like home.

El principio y el fin de la humanidad.
human anatomy model

El principio y el fin de la humanidad.

Corre el año de 1968, un chico de 7 años llamado Daniel acaba de construirle al

Look at you.
woman wearing white tank top walking beside body of water during daytime

Look at you.

Look at you

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