women holding pineapple while standing


I’m addicted to you.

I’m addicted to the sight of you entering the bedroom,

I’m addicted to the flavor of you. That peach/kiwi flavor and that coconut smell. Those hazelnut eyes and the sound of your laughter.

I’m addicted to the space between your legs. I could live there forever.

I’m addicted to waking up next to you every day. I love the fact that my sheets smell of you now. I like it when you leave hair all over my shower. If it’s like you were marking your space. I could never get angry if your hair clogs the shower. It reminds me that you live here, with me.

I’m addicted to the love we make every day. I can’t get enough of you. Your body is like heroin to me. The sound of you moaning gives me a dopamine rush.

I am addicted to you and I want to stay addicted forever.

Reflexiones para el 2020
person holding sparkler

Reflexiones para el 2020

Algunas las leí, algunas las escuché, algunas me las platicaron y algunas las

El trabajo circular vs el trabajo líneal
woman in black long sleeve shirt using macbook

El trabajo circular vs el trabajo líneal

Hoy en cosas que me he dado cuenta pero nunca he leído en ningún lado

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